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Fine Art Prints

Penthouse Pool

Home of the Slim Aarons Collection

Welcome to the Slim Aarons Collection by Getty Images. From the sun-drenched Italian coastline to Swiss mountain resorts and the private homes of the celebrity jet-set, we offer you unlimited access to the entire archive of Slim’s groundbreaking lifestyle photography. View the complete Slim Aarons Collection now.

“I’ve concentrated on photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”
Slim Aarons

A former Army photographer, Slim discovered a personal antidote to the devastation of WWII in the picturesque lives of the upper classes. For nearly fifty years, he traveled the world recording the glamourous lives of high society and European aristocrats. Through it all, he lived by a simple mantra: Concentrate on photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.

The Slim Aarons Archive

Getty Images has proudly been the official repository and exclusive licensor of the Slim Aarons Collection for more than two decades. Slim’s extensive archive contains one million transparencies, negatives, prints and pieces of ephemera. Only here will you find the full range of his iconic photographs and popular classics alongside rare and one-of-a-kind outtakes.

Original Poolside Glamour slide, 1970
Editioned, Stamped and Signed
Slim Aarons Estate Stamped
Estate Stamping Process
Preserving Slim's Legacy

We are committed to preserving Slim’s legacy through high quality prints tailored for collectors and aficionados at all levels. From signed prints, edition, and estate-stamped prints, our in-house darkroom technicians and collections team ensure each print is truly one-of-a-kind. Slim Aarons premium prints are available via the Getty Images Gallery, located in the heart of London, or online via 1stdibs.